Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar

When Dave Magrogan, CEO of Kildare’s Irish pub & Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House, and independent restaurateur Dana Farrell met, they shared the very different desires and expectations they had for the restaurant they’d each like to open in the near future.

Dave had secured the space, formally leased by the Gap at Glen Eagle Square in Glen Mills, PA to recreate his “Grady David’s” concept and Dana was searching for a location in Glen Mills that she could build upon her experience as the former owner of The Classic Diner.

They did however share a very similar core vision in that they saw the need for and wanted to offer a high quality, farm fresh menu created with the healthiest ingredients local farmers and purveyors had to offer. Their customer base would be active, discerning families who have become increasingly educated in food and very health conscious. The demographic would want to enjoy this menu in an upscale-casual, welcoming atmosphere where they could relax with friends or feed their families.

It was inevitable. They decided that for them to each fulfill their goals and fill this niche it would be best to join forces.